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Neck Liposuction and Neck Rejuvenation with Combination Laser Neck Tightening

Characteristics of an Aging Neck and Chin. 

The neck is a common area of concern for men and women of all ages.  The most common factors which influence the neck and chin area include the quality of the skin, the amount of neck fat or fullness, and the tonicity of the neck muscles that cause vertical lines on the front of the neck.  It is also important to assess the volume of the thyroid gland and salivary glands that border the neck area. 

Neck rejuvenation can be acheived by using a combination of techniques that can sculpt the neck and chin area.  The most common techniques are the following:
  1. Laser skin tightening ( Our office has several lasers for skin rejuvenation).
  2. Chin and Neck Liposuction ( Removes and sculpts excess fat in the chin and jaw areas).
  3. Neck Lift ( Tightens the neck muscles in order to sculpt the neck line).
Patients seeking improvement of the neck line and chin are often confused about the options for neck rejuvenation and seek laser or radiofrequency related non-surgical options for neck line improvement.  The idea of neck rejuvenation with laser is appealing but may not solve the problem in all cases.  Skin tightening through laser and radiofrequency (Thermage) techniques are very useful in the correction of non-resilient and drapy skin, but cannot correct the underlying muscle and fascial support that sometimes leads to vertical neck banding.  In other words, the benefits of neck laser are limited and cannot improve all problems.  Dr. Karamanoukian will carefully examine your neck by assessing the skin tone, underlying muscle and fascial support, and overall platysmal tonicity in order to make the most precise recommendations for you. 

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